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Singapore's Premier Independent Craft Beer Distributor

Applehops is an independent craft beer importer, distributor and online retailer in Singapore and Malaysia. We offer craft beer in bottles and kegs. Currently we deliver your order locally in Singapore and soon - regionally straight to your address!

We offer selection of Belgian beers, Swedish beers, US beers (American Beers), french beers, English beers and a wide variety of styles, as India Pale Ale, Barley Wine, Porter, Imperial Stout, Lambic, Kriek, Gueuze and Sour/Wild beers. buying beer online has never been so easy. We respect our products and take utmost care in ensuring they are transported and stored chilled, 100% cold chain all the way.

 If you're a business, we provide beer import/export services, and can provide you with quality craft beer, cider and mead to your bar or shop

Cloudwater - DDH Southern Passion Pale 5.8% 440ml * 3 Pack

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Cloudwater - DDH Southern Passion Pale 5.8% 440ml * 3 Pack


Cloudwater - DDH Southern Passion Pale 5.8% 440ml * 3 Pack

36.00 40.00

440ml *3 Purchase

A new beer to the ever awesome repertoire of hoppy pale beers from Cloudwater. This double dry-hopped pale ale takes inspiration from some of the very best modern breweries in America right now. Bursting with citra and the newly released South African hop, Southern Passion.

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