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Northern Monk Patrons Project 11.01// RHUBARB SOUR// HUELL MELON, VIC SECRET// LORD WHITNEY// MADE IN THE DARK 440ml 6%

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(Pre-order now for delivery 16th June 2018 onwards)

When dealing with Lord Whitney, we took inspiration from our setting and our collaborators; the delights of the famous "Rhubarb Triangle" and Lord Whitney's philosophy "from the nonsensical to the absurd".

We set ourselves a challenge not before undertaken at our HQ brew house and due to our location in the rhubarb triangle, decided to dream up a rhubarb sour.

We ran the wort from the mash tun to the kettle, but, rather than boil it off, we began a primary fermentation with lactobacillus to naturally allow the wort to develop acidity and some ester profiles. Once we hit our desired level of sourness we then boiled the liquid off and added the hops and fruit to allow the yeast fermentation with saccharomyces to begin.

We wanted the beer to reflect the vegetable in colour and flavour, so decided on a puckeringly sour red ale; making use of a more malty base of barley, wheat and oats to create a full bodied yet light base for a spritzy and sharp drinking experience. This is complimented by an international palate of German and Australian hops to accentuate the flavours created with the addition of rhubarb itself in the fermentation vessel. 

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