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Northern Monk Patrons Project 8.04// New England Steam Lager 440ml 6.5%

from 36.00

Limited - Only 48 units available (Pre-order now for delivery 16th June 2018 onwards)

Before the lupulin party of Hop City kicked off, we hooked up with Berlin-based gypsy brewers' Fuerst Wiacek. Their beers had been impressing us for a while and so it was a delight to welcome them down to brew at the Old Flax Store. Lukas was keen to tackle a style he'd never tried before and we both wanted to put our hop-heavy stamp on the results, and so a New England Lager was born.

The grist was classic to NE style and our lager yeast of choice was the San Francisco Steam strain, which ferments warmer like a lager and kicks out esters we felt would compliment the Enigma, Mosaic and Cashmere dry hop. Expect lemon, lime, dark berries and spice, a silky mouthfeel and a crisp, easy-drinking finish.

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