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Northern Monk Patrons Project 9.04 // Very Stable Genius 440ml 5.2%

from 19.49

When Brooklyn's KC BC came to visit, we wanted to brew an American classic. No, not an IPA. We brewed a great adjunct lager - nobody brews lager better than us, believe me.

Rice and corn make up 25% of the grist of this super light brew to deliver the greatest drinkability. We then added a juicy twist with Citra in the whirlpool, combined with Ekuanot in the FV; just enough dry-hop to deliver the tropical flavours without disguising the clean drinking underneath, which despite the negative press covfefe.

Make adjunct lager great again. 

Lager never tasted better… Collaboration with Kings County Brewers Collective

Lager - North American Adjunct

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