The Idea

Many people haven't drunk beers like the ones we have. We want to change that. Our beers are better, exciting and different. 

Not all the beers may suit everyone's taste but our beers are made better and taste better. Nothing excites us more than discovering and introducing new brews to the market. We could go into many reasons and rationale, or simply say try it and be surprised.  

Styles & Quality

When we describe our products as 'Better', we don't do so at the plans of a marketing team (we are too small to have a proper marketing team anyway).

We want to propagate quality beers to the community (Not all Craft beers are good beers too!) and hopefully introduce the public to greater selection of brews beyond what's already currently in market.


100% Dedication

We spare no expenses in ensuring quality and freshness. Our beers are carefully transported and stored in chilled environment. (Do you know proper cold chain and storage takes up 60% of the cost for us?)

Here at Applehops, we do our best to bring the brews to our consumers at the best condition possible.